What is Fat Freezing?

Natural fat elimination

Fat Freezing also known as Cryolipolysis is a method in which fat cells are tackled by means of a cold treatment. It is a safe and reliable method which requires neither an operation nor anaesthetic. We’re all familiar with cold treatments, such as an ice pack for strained muscles and joints. Our Fat Freezing machine works on the basis of Cryolipolysis, using controlled freezing to cool fat cells until they crystallise. The body then gradually disposes of the fat cells in a natural manner.

How exactly does the cooling process work? This is explained in the illustrations below. Following a 45-minute treatment, fat cells are frozen and subsequently decompose in the weeks to come, leaving your body in a natural manner. **DISCLAIMER, WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH COOLSCULPTING IN ANY WAY. WE PROVIDE THE FAT FREEZING TREATMENT FROM OUR OWN MACHINES, NOT COOLSCULPTING'S MACHINES.

The Cryolipolysis method

The method was discovered during research to test the effect of cold on body cells. The results showed fat cells to react more strongly to cold than other cells (muscles, nerves or organ cells, for example). Fat cells begin to crystallize at 4 degrees Celsius. Flip Your Look is pleased to make use of this behavior of fat cells.

What’s the treatment like?

We begin by proposing a treatment plan during an intake consultation, with no further obligation. An appointment can then be made to schedule the treatment. Before starting treatment, the position of the applicator is marked on the body. The skin and the underlying fatty tissue is then gently sucked between the cooling plates, after which the cooling process begins. The treatment chair is comfortable, allowing you to read a magazine to pass the time during treatment, for example.

The Fat Freezing treatment takes 45 min to an hour, depending on the number of zones. There is no immediate effect visible after treatment, it takes a number of weeks to see the results properly. This is due to the fat cells needing time to decompose and be eliminated naturally from your body (via the kidneys, urine). Our Fat Freezing machine is equipped to tackle two sides of the body at the same time. Would you like to see more? Check out other people’s results here.

Why the Fat Freezing treatment?

The Fat Freezing treatment is safe, painless and unlike liposuction, does not require invasive surgery or an anesthetic. This means that you can continue your daily routine almost immediately. The Fat Freezing treatment is a targeted approach to slim down the specific body zones. Unlike the more general effect of dieting, it therefore only has impact on the area treated. The end results are visible after a few months. The lost centimeters will create a slimmer silhouette.

Side effects of Cryolipolysis?

As with almost any medical treatment, there are side effects, such as numbing, bruising, a feeling of tenderness and temporary redness of the area treated. These side effects all naturally pass after a while. If in doubt, never hesitate to contact us after treatment, because after care is an important component of the treatment process.

The five steps:

  • Step 1: Free intake

  • Step 2: Freezing fat deposits

  • Step 3: Activating fat destruction

  • Step 4: Elimination of fat cells via urine

  • Step 5: A happy look in the mirror!